Indian army officer Lieutenant General Bakshi addresses a group of soldiers on board the INS Viraat. The story flashes to the events preceding the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Sehmat is a college student from Kashmir. Her father and grandfather were Indian freedom fighters. She learns of her father’s impending death from cancer and his last wish for her to continue the family tradition of being in service to the country. He arranges for her to get married to an officer, the son of an Army Brigadier in the Pakistani Army, who is promoted to Major General. To prepare her to spy, Sehmat is hastily trained by members of RAW, India’s external intelligence agency in various skills.

While being trained at RAW, Sehmat learns the contact numbers to be used in future while contacting any one from Pakistan. She practices to convert text information to morse code, which she had to use while transmitting information to India.

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