Starring:- Priyanka Upendra, Yuvina Parthavi
DURATION:- 131 minute.
Mummy – Save Me is an emotional horror film which revolves around a 7 months pregnant mother (Priyanka Upendra)[3] and her 6-year-old daughter (Yuvina Parthavi). A family moves from Bangalore to Goa after the death of Priya’s husband. They move to a large villa where the family starts to experience strange things. Kriya is badly affected by her dad’s death.Kriya’s dad brought her a doll as gift for her before dying. Kriya starts to speak with the doll and considers the doll as her friend. Priya is upset and sad due to her husband’s death and due to this she s unable to spend time with Kriya. Kriya starts to become stubborn and gets sad as mother is not spending some quality time with her. Kriya sees the ghost for the first time and gets scared, she starts to cry and shout and she is also seen speaking with ghost. Seeing Kriya speaking alone and due to her behavior Priya gets tensed and consults a doctor. Doctor suggests Priya to spend time with Kriya. Priya and Kriya together spend time, they go out and enjoy.Priya experiences the same as Kriya, she sees the ghost. One day the doctor whom Priya consulted calls her and informs that her daughter Kriya is speaking with someone in really whom no one except Kriya can see, the doctor sends a psychiatrist to Priya’s villa. The same day Priya gets hurt and even Kriya gets hurt.The family members get them to hospital where the Priest comes to meet Priya and tells them the story behind the ghost. The ghost’s name is Kumari who was an orphan, she gets married to a rich guy and stays happy with him. Even after 8 years of marriage Kumari was not blessed with a baby so her in-laws and elders decides to marry her husband to another woman. Kumari gets upset by this, but soon Kumari gets pregnant.

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